Dolly, a custom display type inspired by 
New Orleans
As inspiration for this type research project, I chose the magical city of New Orleans. My New Year's visit to Bourbon Street and the French Quarter on 2022 left an indelible impression on me. The city, shining with lights, spreading joy as people danced to the tunes of street music bands - it was a truly captivating experience. Inspired by this, especially the jazz music that resonated with me, I also took creative inspiration from the distinctive architecture, including the arches and French Quarter balconies.
New Orleans, or Nola, is a remarkably inclusive city that embraces both French and Spanish cultures. In creating my typeface, I wanted to visually capture the rhythmic essence of jazz music, infuse it with the mysterious aura of the city, and incorporate a subtle touch of the fleur-de-lis, a symbol associated with Nola. The chosen color palette reflects the vibrant nighttime atmosphere of New Orleans, illuminated by the lights of bars and clubs.
I chose the name Dolly from my favorite song Hello Dolly! by Louis Armstrong, a jazz artist from New Orleans.

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