VOICE is a social media platform centered around audio, offering user-friendly tools that enable individuals to share their daily content with friends. It also provides an effortless way for users to create podcasts tailored for diverse audiences.
One of the most notable aspects of podcast consumption is its popularity among younger demographics. In Sweden and the United States, two nations at the forefront of podcast adoption, over half of the under-35 population listens to podcasts monthly. This is in stark contrast to less than a fifth of those over 55. The majority of podcast listening occurs at home (64%), with significant portions also tuning in during commutes on public transport (24%) or via private means like cars or bikes (20%). About 18% of listeners engage with podcasts while out and about, such as during walks or trips to the shop, and a similar percentage (16%) do so during exercise. Another 16% manage to find time to listen to podcasts even while at work.

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